Non-credit installment loan – is there such a thing?

Many lenders try to accommodate their customers as much as possible. They offer particularly low interest rates or require very little evidence before lending. Many a lender even explains that an installment loan that is independent of creditworthiness is possible. However, many experts warn of these offers. Only a fraction is actually serious, according to

The different ways to buy back your credit

  There are several ways to redeem your credit(s). To make the right choice, you must first make an inventory of all of your debts which will be the subject of a buy-back. If the option of a renegotiation is interesting especially for a mortgage, the repurchase of consumer loans and revolving loans is a

When should you combine your credits and receivables?

Grouping loans and debts into a single loan and a single monthly payment is a tool for managing family cash. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, grouping is a constrained decision when the income no longer makes it possible to meet all of the expenses. It is then a very traumatic situation which is noted

Loan without Credit Bureau information with immediate approval.

Would you like to apply for a loan without Credit Bureau information with immediate approval? The easiest way is through the online offer of a credit broker. What you should pay attention to, what loan conditions you expect, the article provides the necessary information. Credit without Credit Bureau information with immediate approval  The convenient application

Can we make a second repurchase of credit?

  Have you already purchased a loan and want to request a second one from your bank or a competing bank to avoid the situation of over-indebtedness? It is possible! Indeed, a borrower can redeem his loans as many times as he wishes if he judges that his financial situation still needs to be balanced.

A mortgage loan at the best rate

To buy a property (house or housing), nothing beats mortgage! It is the best way to become a homeowner quickly, and with relatively small initial capital. But beware! Because of its importance, mortgage can have very heavy repercussions on your budget! You must therefore carefully choose your financial establishment, and study precisely the repayment terms

Interest on home loans is historically low

With an average of 2.63 percent, the rates for mortgage loans are currently the lowest since there is a structured comparison. Never before in Belgium could such a cheap rate be borrowed for the construction or purchase of a home. The attractive low interest rate also opens up a lot of possibilities for refinancing existing