A mortgage loan at the best rate


To buy a property (house or housing), nothing beats mortgage! It is the best way to become a homeowner quickly, and with relatively small initial capital.

But beware! Because of its importance, mortgage can have very heavy repercussions on your budget! You must therefore carefully choose your financial establishment, and study precisely the repayment terms and the real estate rate it offers.

It is now relatively difficult to get a mortgage with a low interest rate, the banks asking for a series of guarantees before granting it. And the less guarantees you have to provide, the more risk the bank takes, and the more it will make you pay dearly for your mortgage.

A good real estate investment at the best rate is therefore prepared by studying all the possibilities of existing furniture credit, and all the offers of credit institutions. The more you advance knowingly, the more you will be able to choose your credit carefully, and the more you will get an effective and inexpensive real estate credit.

Here we offer you the different elements that must be mastered in order to obtain the best possible mortgage.


Definition of mortgage

mortgage loan

The mortgage (or mortgage) is debt financing for the purchase of real estate, a construction operation, or work on an existing real estate.

Home loan is a practice that tends to become popular these days. Most households today use it to become a homeowner.

Very often, the mortgage loan engages you for a long period.

Types of mortgage

There are different types of home loan, depending on the terms of these. They can be classified into two main categories: state-regulated loans and bank loans.


How to take out a mortgage?

How to take out a mortgage?

The mortgage is established by a bank or a specialized credit organization. So you just have to present your project to the credit institution of your choice. This will constitute a “Mortgage loan” file which will be studied with meticulous care, and where you will be asked to bring documents justifying your income. Once the file has been studied, the credit institution will grant you a mortgage or not.


What are my borrowing possibilities?

What are my borrowing possibilities?

Each mortgage is flexible on the one hand, but also according to your profile.
Do you want to take out a mortgage, and would you like to know the possible solutions? The following tools allow you to analyze your resources to define the type of mortgage that suits you.